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Notice to public: This notice is given as an initial response to the unauthorized website located at:, published by renegade Indian extremists.  These Indians are now lying and deceiving the American public by impersonating Miccosukees. They fall into the same camp as Mike Osceola, who was
disinherited by his father, William McKinley Osceola over 50 years ago. These Individuals have disgraced themselves publicly and are no longer considered members of the Sovereign Miccosukee Seminole Nation. 

Authorizations were signed by the Co-Chairman, Honorable Bill M. Osceola recognizing as the official national web site. 

It should also be noted that the honorable Co-Chairman bestowed citizenship to legal counsel Morton H. Silver and others, per contracts and agreements signed by the Sovereign Miccosukee Seminole Nation, in partial payment thereof, for Mr. Silver's uncompromising legal services that spanned over half a century.




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