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JULY 10, 1955

At Jimmie Tiger's Village Headquarters
Affirmed by General Councilman

George Osceola, Ingraham Billie, Sam Jones Micco, Frank Charlie, Tom
Buster, Willie Jim, Jack Clay, John Pool, Tiger Tiger, John Fewell, Jimmie
Tiger, Frank Jimmie, Frank Willie, Oscar Hoe, Jimmie Billie, Jimmie Henry,
Which specifically required the agreement of Legal Counsel,
Morton H. Silver,
to take its disputes with the United States to the
United Nations if the
Miccosukee Seminole Nation
felt it was necessary.

As interpreted by

Billie Doctor, Buffalo Tiger, and witnessed by Frederick R. Von Langen (of Musa Isle),
Morton H. Silver, and Francis Fink

(see affidavits below)

Affidavit of Billie Doctor, July 23, 1955
Affidavit of Buffalo Tiger, July 27, 1955
Affidavit of Frederick R. Von Langen (of Musa Isle)

Affidavit of Francis Fink, October 21, 1955  

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