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JULY 10, 1955

At Jimmie Tiger's Village Headquarters
Affirmed by General Councilman

George Osceola, Ingraham Billie, Sam Jones Micco, Frank Charlie, Tom
Buster, Willie Jim, Jack Clay, John Pool, Tiger Tiger, John Fewell, Jimmie
Tiger, Frank Jimmie, Frank Willie, Oscar Hoe, Jimmie Billie, Jimmie Henry,
Which specifically required the agreement of Legal Counsel,
Morton H. Silver,
to take its disputes with the United States to the
United Nations if the
Miccosukee Seminole Nation
felt it was necessary.

As interpreted by

Billie Doctor, Buffalo Tiger, and witnessed by Frederick R. Von Langen (of Musa Isle),
Morton H. Silver, and Francis Fink

(see affidavits below)

Affidavit of Billie Doctor, July 23, 1955
Affidavit of Buffalo Tiger, July 27, 1955
Affidavit of Frederick R. Von Langen (of Musa Isle)

Affidavit of Francis Fink, October 21, 1955  

Affidavit of
"Buffalo Tiger"

July 27, 1955


(Retyped for clarity)

                                      ) SS.

       Before me, the undersigned authority, a Notary Public of the State of Florida In the United States of America, personally appeared BUFFALO TIGER, a Seminole Indian and citizen of the aforesaid
Miccosukee Seminole Nation, and a resident of Dade County, Florida, to me well known, who under oath deposes and says as follows:

1.    That Affiant made an affidavit which is attached to a Supplemental Agreement between the Miccosukee Seminole Nation (Florida) and Morton H. Silver, Attorney at Law, which Agreement was negotiated and executed between July 3rd and July 10th of 1955; that Affiant In order not to disturb the aforesaid Agreement to which his said original Affidavit is attached, makes this Supplemental Affidavit in order to clarify the original Affidavit and add some material facts surrounding the aforesaid negotiations.

2.    That Affiant was assisted on July 3rd and July 10th, 1955 by Billie Doctor in his capacity as Interpreter and official spokesman for the General Council of the Miccosukee Seminole Nation (Florida) at the meetings held at Jimmie Tiger's Village approximately thirty miles West of the City Limits of Miami, Florida.

3.    That at the meeting on July 3rd, 1955, as aforesaid, the General Council, after considerable discussion concerning the said Supplemental Agreement, told Affiant to tell Morton H. Silver that they wished to consider the said Agreement for an additional week; that there was present at the aforesaid July 3rd meeting one Frederick R. Von Langen; that there was also present at the aforesaid July 3rd meeting Sam Jones Micco and Oscar Hoe, Representatives of the Second Medicine Council, both of whom had made special trips from the Fort Pierce area to be present, who had to return again to Jimmie Tigers Village for the July 10th meeting hereinafter mentioned.


4.   That on July 10, 1955 the aforesaid General Council met once again at the aforesaid Village with Morton H. Silver and there was also present the aforesaid Frederick R. Von Langen, a white man, who was employed by the Musa Isle Indian Village in Miami, Florida; that the aforesaid Supplemental Agreement was read to me (Affiant) and explained by both Morton H. Silver and said Frederick R. Von Langen; that Affiant explained and Interpreted the said Supplemental Agreement to the said General Council; that after several hours of discussion among the said General Council, the said General Council told Affiant to tell Morton H. Silver that they had been considering the provision of said Agreement................................................. .
and that they would sign the said Agreement provided Morton H. Silver and his associates would agree to carry their fight to the United Nations if necessary and that Morton H. Silver add that provision to the said Agreement.

5. That the aforesaid Agreement consists of two pages, not including the original Affidavit, and contains sixteen signatures of the said General Council.



I HEREBY CERTIFY that I, ELEANOR S. SHARP, a Notary Public of the State of Florida, at Large, have read the above and foregoing Supplemental Affidavit to BUFFALO TIGER, who is known to me personally, and he advised me that he understood the same and that the facts set forth therein are true and correct, and that he executed the same for the purposes therein expressed.

AS WITNESS my hand and Notarial Seal in the City of Miami, Dade County, Florida, on this 27th day of July 1955.

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