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Welcome to the
First Edition

of the
Seminole Indian News

Miccosukee-Seminole Dictionary

"Since The Miccosukees have no written language, words will have to be spelled phonetically.  Save this and all future issues for your complete dictionary."  

English Miccosukee

 Muskogee     (Seminole)

Vol. 1 No. 1 August 1961
Man nog-nee who-non-wah
Woman tay-gee hoke-tee
Boy nog-no-chee who-non-wah-chee
Food impigee whom-pee-tah
I want tsa-banah cha-yah-jus
I want food impigee-tsabanah whompeeton-cha-ee-ahjus
Town Okalee Tah-low-fah
My friend ah-ma-chamee ah-he-shee
How much is this? in-nah-kah-poh in-na-choe-mah
Vol. 1 No. 2 September 1961
Indian Man yaht-kitis-nognee istee-cha-tee
Big chobee thah-kee
Wind fah-blee-chee ho-tah-lee
(Big Wind)
fahbleechee-chee ho-tah-lee
Land yahg-nee ee-kah-nah
Water okee oo-yoo-wah
Vo1. No. 3 October 1961
Hand ill-bih in-kih
Head you-see ee-kah
Eye ee-tee ee-toos-wah
Mouth ee-chee ee-cho-kwa
Ear hok-chobee hotch-koh
Legs you-blee hots-kwa
Vol.1 No.4 December 1961
Black loo-chee lus-tee
Red kitis-chee chah-tee
Yellow lug-ni lah-ne
Green ho-note-bee ho-la-tee
Horse ca-wah-yee cho-thokoh
Bird phone-she focsh-wah
Money ka-nowee too-koo-nawah

December 1961
No.1, Vol.4, p.2



Chokoloskee               "Old house" in the Muskogee language, the name of the Island near Everglades City.
Pa-ha-yo-kee              "Grassy" in Miccosukee, and White man shortened it to Pahokee; the name of a town in Lake Okeechobee.
Ochopee Farm, "any kind of farm" in Miccosukee.  It is a farming town on the Tamiami Trail.
Ah-mo-glee "My home" in Miccosukee.  It has become Immokalee a town on Road 29.
Ocalee "Still water" in Miccosukee and is what you would say if you had been wading through lots of water and came on lots more water - "Still water".  This became Ocala, the town in Central Florida.
O-kee-fo-lo-gee "Funnel of water" in Miccosukee.  It has become Okeefonokee, the name of the big southeast Georgia swamp.

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