Two Briefs in the this container list written by legal counsels Morton H. Silver and George John Miller.


                                              SUMMARIZED REPORT ON
                              DISPUTES, NEGOTIATIONS AND AGREEMENTS
                                      THE MICCOSUKEE SEMIONLE NATION
                                                            and the
                                                     UNITED STATES
                                                          1950 -1960

                                       “. . .to reaffirm faith in fundamental
                                       human rights . . .in the equal rights of
                                       men, , ,and of nations large and small,

                                      “to establish conditions under which
                                       justice and respect for the obligations
                                       arising from treaties. . .can be main-
                                       tained, and

                                       “. . .in conformity with the principles
                                        of justice and international law, adjust-
                                        ment or settlement of international dis-
                                        putes or situations which might lead to
                                        a breach of the peace;

                                       “To develop friendly relations among
                                        nations based on respect for the prin-
                                        ciple of equal rights and self deter-
                                        mination of peoples. . .”

                                                         Charter of the United Nations
                                                         Signed at San Francisco,
                                                         California, on June 26, 1945

1006 Biscayne Building
Miami, Florida
Counsel for the Sovereign